About us

Green Judaica was founded by Jared Green. Based in Boulder, CO, his journey began with a simple idea: to make cherished Jewish ritual objects even more special. Starting Green Judaica was a passion project for Jared; one to create works of art that were not just practical, but also carry deep meaning, adding significance to tradition. 

What makes us unique: 

Handmade Excellence: Each item is handcrafted with care and attention, ensuring they are of the highest quality. 

Design with Meaning: Thought is put into every design, making sure they connect with your traditions with a modern twist. 

Passion for Functional Art: An unending passion for functional artwork fuels the drive to design and create treasured heirlooms. 

Tech meets Tradition: Recognising that tradition evolves with time, I embrace innovation and technology to complement craftsmanship. This fusion allows the creation of items that are both timeless and contemporary.